What Is An Auger Vegetable Juicer

Auger Vegetable JuicerFor those people that are unfamiliar with juicing vegetables at home it might be difficult to understand the different types juicers that are available on the market and which ones are best for the various types of foods.  Unfortunately, there is no single juicing machine that can process every type of food into nutrient rich juice.  Among the different types of juicers to choose from, there are masticating, centrifugal, and triturating juicers.  The auger vegetable juicer falls under the category of masticating juicers because of the way that it processes the vegetables and extracts the juice from them.  There are many different manufacturers that produce these juicing machines, including Omega and Samson.  The general price range for an auger vegetable juicer is between two hundred and five hundred dollars.


Unlike a centrifugal juicer which grinds the vegetables into a pulp and rapidly spins off the juice, or a triturating juicer which first crushes the vegetables between two gears then presses out the juice, an auger vegetable juicer uses a single gear to chew up the vegetable fibers and actually break down the cells to produce the juice.  The single gear of the auger vegetable juicer rotates spirally and it moves at a very slow rate.  Although it takes longer for it to produce the same quantity of vegetable juice as the other two types of juicers, the juice from an auger vegetable juicer is much higher in the amount of enzymes, trace minerals, fiber and vitamins that it contains.  Therefore, those that are looking for the maximum benefits from their home made juice should select an auger vegetable juicer.


Aside from producing juice from various vegetables and some fruits, there are auger vegetable juicers that are also capable of other functions such as making baby food, nut butters, pasta and even frozen desserts, depending on which model is purchased and what attachments are used.  One thing that auger vegetable juicers are great for is extracting the juice from wheat grass or other leafy, green produce.

The reason for this is the fact that they have a very slow rotation and they do not generate a lot of heat during the process.  Wheat grass is known to be a great source of chlorophyll, amino acids, enzymes, minerals, and vitamins so many people use it to supplement their diet on a regular basis.  There are stores that sell wheat grass in powder or liquid juice form, but it can be very costly if purchasing enough to serve to a family on a daily basis.  Having an auger vegetable juicer in the home that can process wheat grass can save a family a lot of money, especially if they also decide to grow their own wheat grass.

For most auger vegetable juicers, cleaning is rather simple because there are few parts to clean and they are usually able to be safely cleaned in a dishwasher.  Some models even come with a special brush that is used to ease the cleaning of certain parts of the juicing machine.