700W Big Boss Juicer Review

The  700W Big Boss Juicer with 18,000 RPM is the perfect juicer for people who are just starting out. For users who have never juiced before buying one of the more expensive models out there is not a good idea because they won’t know if they like juicing or not. Fresh juice made at home tastes far different from the stuff that is bought in the store. The Big Boss Juicer is one of the most affordable juicers one the market, plus it is relatively easy to use.


The Big Boss Juicer comes with a 700-watt motor that allows me to juice just about any vegetable or fruit that I want. However, not all fruits or vegetables should be juiced due to how much oil or fiber they contain. To find out what the Big Boss Juicer can handle all I had to do was read the recipe book and instruction manual. Some of the fruits that should be avoided are bananas and coconuts, while in terms of vegetables one will want to stay away from leeks.



  • Multi-Speeds – The Big Boss Juicer has a 700-watt motor that puts out up to 18,000 RPMS. However, the motor has variable speeds, so users can extract the maximum amount of juice from each item. Some fruits and vegetables do better with a slower RPM, while others work best at higher speeds. Being able to change the speeds is a huge bonus.

  • 3 inch mouth opening – This unit comes with a 3-inch wide opening for the fruit and vegetables. This is a huge bonus for juicers because it means less prep work. With this larger opening, I can easily juice whole fruits and vegetables, as long as they aren’t bigger than 3 inches. Fruits and vegetables that are wider than 3 inches simply have to be cut down to size.

  • Multiple Uses – Not only can the Big Boss Juicer be used to juice a variety of fruits and vegetables it can also be used to make quite a few other things. This juicer can successfully be used to make a variety of soups and sauces, as well as all natural baby food. The best thing about using this juicer is that the foods that I make with it are 100% natural, no more surprise ingredients.

  • Spigot is about six inches high – Perhaps the best thing about this juicer is how high up the spigot sits. Sitting about six inches off the countertop, I can easily fit some of my biggest glasses underneath the spigot to catch the juice that is ready to come out. However, be warned that when the juice is ready to come out a lot will flow out, so have plenty of glasses ready.



  • Pulp Bin Isn’t See Through – The only problem I have with this juicer is that the pulp bin isn’t see through, it is in fact black. Not being able to see how much pulp is building up in the pulp bin is kind of frustrating and I tend to stop juicing to check it more often than I like. However, the bin has an extra large capacity, so it can effectively hold quite a bit of pulp.

The Big Boss Juicer has a stainless steel exterior that allows it to fit in with most other kitchen appliances, including the larger ones like an oven or a refrigerator. Even better is that this low priced juicer doesn’t spit food out when being used, so no messes to clean up. The extra large pulp bin is also very handy because it allows me to juice enough juice for my entire family without having to be emptied.

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